If the Boat is a Rockin’…Take a Gravol

Monday, October 17
At sea

We were en route to Athens and the weather took a quick turn for the worse. We left the calm waters in the distance and traded them in for a rocking boat, injured passengers and an influx in sea sickness.

Before we boarded the ship I was feeling very confident that Shawn would have a bout of sea sickness. I never anticipated it would get me. The night went painstakingly slow. 3AM flashed on our alarm clock and Shawn and I laid awake rocking from side to side with each swell of the waves. We set our clocks ahead one hour to account for the time change and ravaged our bags hunting for Gravol.

By 5AM our telephone rolled from the top of our desk to the floor joining other casualties of the storm. Since I had never experienced a storm of this magnitude, curiosity got the best of me as I crept over to our balcony sliding door and pushed it open. I have no idea what possessed me to think this would be a good idea on any level. Not only was it still pitch black out but the waves and wind were so strong they threw the sliding door off the track. My punishment – a gust of wind blew salt water all over me and into our room. Shawn awoke to me squealing and quickly rolled out of bed to spring to my aid. His first attempt to roll out of the bed ended with him doing a back somersault while trying to catch his balance. After steadying himself he managed to grab the door, place it back on its track and throw it shut.

Instead of questioning my insane actions he laughed as he tucked me back into bed. The storm must have taken a toll on us as we ended up sleeping in until 2pm. Once we finally emerged from our room we noticed a lot of the guests catching their balance while maneuvering around the halls with borrowed crutches or while holding on to the railings while slings cradled their arm.

After the night we had we decided to skip our first formal dinner and order room service.

Tuesday, October 18th
Athens, Greece

We had booked a bus tour for our time in Athens. Piles of garbage overflowed onto the streets and stray cats and dogs rummaged through the scraps. Thankfully we stopped for refreshments at a local hotel and missed two government demonstrations. The Temple of Zeus, The Olympic Stadium and The Acropolis were even more amazing to see in person.

Despite the walls splattered with graffiti and the streets littered with garbage, Athens still remained a beautiful city rich with history.


Wednesday, October 19th

The sun was shining, a few clouds floated through the warm salty air and the temperature peaked around 22 degrees. I could get use to warm fall temperatures. Shawn and I spent our day wandering around the dock. We visited a few shops but decided to stay close to the ship for the day. We found an outdoor patio at a Starbucks and called our parents using skype. We were lucky enough to see that one of our best friends had her beautiful baby girl as well.


After enjoying a skinny vanilla latte by the water we wandered back to the ship. We found a letter that was slipped under our door about an increase in security for the next week. Heightened ship security would be required as we would be cruising through the Suez Canal shortly.

Another beautiful day in paradise…



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