A Missed Opportunity in Mumbai 

Day 24 – Friday, November 4th, 2011

We didn’t book anything through the ship for this stop and we we’re extremely disappointed in our decision.  We left and started walking out onto the port and were stopped by a line full of cab drivers and police officers.  We hoped to just wander around the city today but we were quickly informed that we couldn’t leave without taking a cab ride.

At first they tried to overcharge us for a “tour of the city”.  When we told them we just wanted to go to the gate if India, they got extremely rude and brash.

Finally, their prices did come down, however not by a lot.  It was difficult to see all of the horrible living conditions.  We passed by many tin houses and children wandering around with no shirts or shoes on.  We were already warned by the ship to not give any money or food.  That was the hardest part of this stop.

The traffic was unbelievable, yet the driver managed to weave through all of the traffic.  On our way to the Gate of India, the driver stopped at a local shop.  We informed the driver we didn’t want to purchase any souvenirs and he got extremely irate with us.   To stop his yelling we walked into the shop and purchased the first two scarves we saw.

After being treated so aggressively we decided we were ready to head back to the ship.  We were able to see the Gate of India on our way back.  Next time we return we’re definitely going to do a guided tour as there was so much more I wish we could have experienced at this port.


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