From Oman to Mumbai 

Day 21 – Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

We had nothing booked or scheduled for our stop in Oman… Partly because we weren’t set to arrive until about 1pm.  It was a bit cloudier when we arrived but the temperatures were still soaring around 30 degrees.

Oman was beautiful.  The pristine clear water enveloped the harbour and different shops and cafés lined the city streets.  The people of Oman were very friendly as well.  We weren’t approached to buy anything or for money.  We chatted with the locals and enjoyed some private time together.


We wandered through the winding cobblestone streets through a local souk.  The aromatic scents of spices filled the air.  The walkway was dimly lit but we managed to wind through the pathway.  We purchased two silk pashminas and some jewelry.


After wandering around for the day we headed back tot the ship to get ready for the evening.  Oman was it up with beautiful colours and lights.   Another beautiful city that we were extremely fortunate to visit.

We had an Arabian themed night filled with delicious foods and interesting wardrobe choices from the guests on board.  It’s never a full moment!

The  clocks went forward one more hour as we prepared to head to India.  Now we’re 9 hours ahead of the time at home.


At sea! 

Day 22 – November 2nd, 2011

Since it was a bit too breezy to sit out on our deck today we ended up going to the gym then wandering around the ship.  We spent the day reading and relaxing.   We didn’t feel like attending the formal dinner so we ordered peanut butter sandwiches to the room!

Day 23 – November 3rd, 2011

Today the temperature stayed around 32 degrees all day.  The sun didn’t leave the sky.  There’s something so relaxing about being in the middle of the ocean with nothing in sight.  Shawn and I have settled into a nice routine while we’re at sea.  We try and make it to the gym and then relax around the upper deck or our balcony.  We’re trying to rest up today as tomorrow we’ll be in Mumbai!


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