Rafting in Bali

Day 41 – November 21st, 2011… Bali, Indonesia

We arrived in Bali early in the morning.  We had to tender into this port as our boat couldn’t get close enough to a dock.  It took about 25 minutes to get to shore.  The water was very beautiful and a gorgeous blue colour.  I was a little shocked to see quite a bit of garbage in the water though.  Despite that, it still was stunning.

We road on a bus for about 1.5 hours to take a river raft ride in Ubud.  We got geared up with helmets and life jackets and observed a quick demonstration.  Then it was go time…We had to walk down 500 steps to get to the rafts.  I’m not usually scared of heights, however, I am extremely terrified of murky water and the unknowns lurking in it.  The sight of the water petrified me and my legs shook the entire way down, quivering more with each step.  I had to use my paddle to hold myself up and keep it together.  I had to keep it together, especially since the trip was filled with 60 + year olds and they were making out just fine!


The raft ride was an amazing experience.  We got to go through lush forestry and ride alongside stunning waterfalls.  We stopped at one waterfall and hopped into the water to get a picture under it.  It took everything in me to hop in that water.  Needless to say, we took the picture and I quickly scurried back to the raft.

At the end of our ride we were let out at a beautiful resort.  We were allowed to wander the resort grounds and swim in their pool.  The pool weaved alongside the river and had a stone bottom.  The water was so warm and refreshing.

After getting cleaned up we were served a delicious lunch at the main part of the resort.  Even though it started pouring rain, the sights were breathtaking.


The pictures do not do this destination any justice!


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