Back to Land – We’re off to Coogee Beach!

Day 52 – Arriving in Sydney, Australia

It’s hard to believe we had spent 48 days on the ship.  It was the most relaxing yet exciting trip we’ve ever done.  I still can’t believe all of the amazing things we were fortunate enough to experience and do.

December 2nd, we’ve arrived in Sydney, Australia.  On the way to our port we cruised past the Sydney Opera House.  We snapped a few photos and enjoyed the last few moments on board.


The streets of Sydney were packed with cars and people.  It’s another city that reminds me of Toronto.  Grabbing a cab, we cruised to Coogee beach…it didn’t take us too long to get there from Sydney.

We arrived at our next destination, the Crowne Plaza in Coogee Beach. Since we arrived early in the morning, our room wasn’t ready yet.  We dropped our bags off and started to wander over to the beach.  It was a cute quaint city with little shops, restaurants and cafes along the main strip.


The beach was absolutely stunning.  Our first day at the beach was a bit chilly, hovering around 17 degrees so the beach was not busy at all.

Our best friends from Melbourne flew over to visit us.  We went to Sydney to see the Opera House, we went to a Harry Potter display and a restaurant for foods all with different types of chocolate.

We had just over one week in Australia and it still didn’t feel like enough time.  It was the perfect ending to the most amazing trip we’ve ever embarked on.

…Until next time!


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