A Summer in India

2013 – New Delhi, India

After being approached by my work to travel to India to train new staff at our Gurgaon office, I spent a few days mulling the idea over.  I was feeling very anxious as we would be scheduled to be away for 6 weeks.  It was nerve racking because Shawn and I typically travel together… it’s very rare that we travel solo.

I was excited to go as it would be a great adventure and I was ready to give India another chance.  Shawn and I discussed it at great lengths and then I decided to go.

We left in early July, when the temperatures were already scorching at home, so I couldn’t even imagine how warm and humid it was going to be in India.  My family offered to drive me to the airport so we could relish in those last few moments together.  We enjoyed lunch and then said our goodbyes.  Thankfully, the customs line was moving quickly as I got onto the plane just as the final boarding calls were being made.

We stopped over in Brussels, stretched our legs and got back onto the plane.  It was a long flight but they made it extremely comfortable and the food was very good.  I slept for majority of the flight and watched a few movies.

We arrived to New Delhi during the night.  The airport was very nice, modern and relatively new.  We were greeted by hotel staff from the Crowne Plaza, they took our bags, brought us to our SUV and gave us some water bottles.  It was extremely hot and humid.  The water bottles were definitely a welcomed treat.  Traffic was crazy which was surprising considering we arrived during the night.  We made it to the Crowne Plaza and the security team checked under our SUV and under the hood of the car.  The security team was extremely cautious and very zealous.

Our rooms were spacious and very nice.  Despite my initial fears of travelling alone, the hotel was amazing and the friendly staff made me feel very comfortable.

Our shifts at work were from 5pm until 1-2am, which worked out perfectly since we had a lovely pool at the hotel.  I’d spend the day at the pool and then would make my way over to the office.  It was a very relaxing schedule.  The air smelt of pollution and the temperatures were hot but we acclimated very fast.

Everyone at the office was friendly and kind.  They were passionate about work, it was refreshing to work with such a wonderful group.  They were eager to learn and excited about training.

On the weekends we travelled to different markets, shopping centres, temples and finally, the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal was certainly a highlight of the trip, we left around 6AM to begin the drive.  The hotel packed us a few meals for the day and we hired a driver from the hotel to take us there.  I was very grateful for the driver as some spots along the way felt unsafe.  Not only that, the driving

Upon arriving, we rented an electric car and sought out a tour guide to take us through the Taj Mahal.  It was the most beautiful sight of our entire work “vacation”.  Beautifully landscaped gardens surrounded the area and everything was extremely clean.


I thoroughly enjoyed having the guide with us, he snapped photos for us with our cameras and provided us with a great deal of history.  The Taj Mahal is a definite must see!

Another weekend, we spent some time with our team going to temples.  This was such a humbling experience.


India was incredible and exceeded my expectations.  I hope I am lucky enough to go back again some day!



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