First Comes Love…

Our wedding day was one of the most amazing days of my life.  Don’t get me wrong, we had some bumps along the way, but for the most part it was smooth sailing.

I attribute all of our wedding success to being extremely laid back throughout the months leading up to it.  I understand the importance of being very organized and prepared for the big day, however, maintaining a carefree attitude will ensure your day goes off without a hitch!  (Even if it doesn’t – you’ll find ways to laugh along the way).


It’s safe to say that something will go wrong at one point or another on your wedding day.  Maybe it’s not the weather you were hoping for or the decorator miscounted and didn’t provide enough decorations/table settings/ chairs and so on.  All in all, all of the above are so inconsequential, they shouldn’t even fluster you for a second!

When you look back on your day, all of those minor things will NOT be important and they will remain as the stories you tell for years to come after your wedding.  So, remember… take a step back and try to laugh or shrug it off.

Here are some tips to help you avoid unnecessary stress and worry before your big day!

Dress shopping

Go with a small group of people so you’re not bombarded with many different opinions.  Bring the people you can trust to give you honest advice but also those who will be happy with whatever you choose.  After all, it is your day!


Selecting your Venue

Pick a venue that suits your needs, your guests’ needs and really highlights you as a couple.  We selected a venue that was at a public park we use to visit growing up.  It was close for all of our guests, reasonably priced and would hold the amount of guests we were inviting.


Selecting your Guest List

Be very selective about who you are inviting to your special day.  Don’t invite someone just because you think “you have to”.  Same goes for friends of your parents.  When it comes down to the big day, you want the group to be your core friends and family.  It becomes especially awkward when your parents are introducing you to their friends on your wedding day.  Make sure you are selective about the guest list.  Try and picture these people and see if you can envision them in your life a few years from now.  If you don’t think they will be, exclude them from your list.


Hair & Makeup

Go in with a vision but remain open minded.  I wanted something that would be off of my face (in case it was windy out during photos).  I knew I wanted some type of low bun, but I wasn’t concerned with anything beyond that.  I’m not a professional hair stylist and I won’t pretend to be one…so I was happy to allow the professional to do what she does best! Same went for makeup.  I typically don’t wear a lot of makeup beyond some mascara every now and again, so I wanted to stay true to that on our wedding day.



This is a great place to spend the extra money.  An awesome photographer will ensure you get the best pictures and will capture all of the fabulous memories.  These are memories you will want to cherish and look back on for many years to come.  It’s also a lot of fun to get creative with your photos.  Our wedding happened to coincide with Kitchener’s Oktoberfest so we wandered down after our makeup was done to capture a few shots of the group before finishing getting ready.  This type of spontaneity makes for some great shots!


Formal vs Informal

My husband and I were very excited about having an informal relaxed wedding.  We found a fabulous officiant and served our food at different stations throughout our venue.  We wanted something a little bit different.  Sometimes a seated meal can feel long, awkward and tiring.  Instead, we mixed it up by serving a pasta bar, slider bar and spring rolls throughout the hall.  This kept people up and mingling and enjoying the atmosphere instead of being forced into awkward table conversations.


These are a few things that worked really well for us.  I’ve seen weddings where the bride was a complete micromanager and couldn’t sit back to enjoy the day because she was so stressed about everything going perfectly.  Sometimes the imperfect parts are the best memories.

All in all, have fun and cherish every second!




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