“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late” – Shakespeare


En route to Colorado
May 2014

We wanted to leave earlier for Buffalo to get to the airport hotel, but I ended up getting stuck trying to finish some items up for work. We didn’t get to leave until around 8pm…We thought about cancelling our hotel room and just leaving at 12am or 1am to head down to the airport… hindsight, we should have!!!! At least we now have a laughable story to share.

We arrived at the Marriott hotel late at night.  We ended up keeping our hotel reservation because we wanted a place to park our car while we were away.  The website indicated that parking would be complimentary.  However, upon arrival we were informed that although the wording can be confusing, the parking is only for the duration of the hotel stay unless an additional fee is paid.  This was a frustrating start to the trip, but nothing was going to hold us back from enjoying our time in Colorado.

Our room was nice enough for an airport hotel and the bed was comfortable…obviously a little too comfortable as we missed our flight!  Lesson – when setting a cellphone alarm, make sure the volume is on.  Or, an even better take away, use the hotel’s wake up service.

We woke up just as our morning flight was rolling out on the tarmac.  I called JetBlue in a panic and they were absolutely wonderful!  They got us on another flight leaving later that day.  We had to pay a small fee, but it was worth it.  After grabbing a few more hours of much needed sleep, we headed off to the airport to catch our rescheduled flight.

I love traveling through the Buffalo International airport.  It is always a quick and enjoyable experience.

Finally, a few hours later, we arrived in beautiful Colorado!


The car rental company had rented out most of their “small” cars since we had missed our initial pick up time…however, we travel very light so we didn’t need a large car.  We searched around the lot frantically until we found one final vehicle remaining. A cobalt blue Fiat.


I was obsessed.  I’ve always wanted to tour around in a Fiat and let me tell you, this car was a lot of fun.  Parking was a breeze and gas was cheap, we couldn’t have asked for anything better.


Our first night we stayed in Denver.  We stopped at the first hotel we came across and it ended up being beautiful.  The room was huge and spacious (it even had an extra living room, huge walk in closet and two bathrooms).  The price was very reasonable and it came with a stunning roof top pool.

The next day we toured around the city and then drove over to check out Red Rocks.  The amphitheatre clearly gets a lot of use.  People were doing yoga and cardio while others just sat and observed the beauty of the scenery.

We had breakfast in Morrison, CO (I don’t think it’s possible for this little city to get any cuter…).  While we enjoyed breakfast we waited for some tumbleweed to roll by.  We felt like we were in a Western movie.


Colorado is absolutely breathtaking.  The rolling hills and mountains accompanied by the lush greenery made it a place we will never forget.

Our next stop, Colorado Springs.  Another amazing city.  It was absolutely picturesque and my camera could not keep up with all of the photos!

We drove around to check out the area and the Garden of the Gods and then decided to grab a hotel room, somewhere close by.  We never wanted to leave this city.

We stayed at the Garden of the Gods Club and Resort.  Not only was it very reasonable it was also relatively close to Red Rocks and it had the most amazing views I’ve ever seen.  Our room was huge and had a gorgeous balcony with these views…

This place is truly paradise.  It took us about 1.5 hours to get back to Red Rocks for our concert (it was rush hour traffic and a crazy rain storm).  The Fiat got us there safely!   Red Rocks is organized so efficiently.  The amphitheatre staff were awesome.  We quickly found a parking spot and then made our climb up to our seats.  We were about 15 rows back.  Hands down, this was the best concert we have ever been to.  We saw One Republic play and they definitely knew how to get the crowd pumped up.

A few days later we decided to take the Fiat up Pikes Peak.  This was well worth it.  I think it was about $10.00 to enter (very reasonable)…and yes, we did make it to the top in the Fiat!

We went through crazy weather changes and at times we could hardly see the road.  Next time, I would wear better shoes (and not my flip flops)…

We cannot wait to get back to Colorado.  There’s still so much more to see!

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