Micro-homes to be the New Norm?

Are you spending endless hours at the office in order to make your mortgage and bill payments?  Well, if you are…you’re probably not alone.  When did our society become so consumed with having HUGE houses with even bigger mortgages?

My husband and I fell victim to this societal trap a few years ago.  We thought that since we had been married for a few years it was time to move on to the next stage in our life and purchase a bigger home.  I’m not sure why we felt the need to do this, especially considering we had a perfectly comfortable and beautiful one bedroom home.  This place had everything we could have ever wanted…it was brand new and had granite counter tops, an enclosed patio, in house laundry and a huge master bedroom.  Yet, we still built a house that was WAY too big for our family of 2.


This became even more apparent when we would spend endless hours cleaning the house and cleaning rooms that we hadn’t even set foot in.   Majority of the time we were using our kitchen, bedroom or ensuite.  The space we were using was very similar to the layout of our previous house.

This house proved to be even more unnecessary when we realized it would put a strain on the amount of travelling we would be able to do that year since the mortgage payments were significantly higher and the upkeep was a lot more effort.

Paying for this house became even more frustrating when we began notice how often we were actually home.  Like I said, we love travelling, exploring the city and going out to concerts and movies, sitting around a house isn’t our idea of a fun time.

Don’t get me wrong, this house was stunning.  It was everything I thought I had wanted in a house, however, we were never happy being there.  After about two years we decided it was time to move on.  Against the advice of many close to us, we put up the for sale sign and began the house hunt again.

We decided we wanted to start doing more things again instead of having more things.  Having things did not make us happy…in fact, it had the exact opposite effect.

Luckily, we were able to successfully sell our house and we decided to downsize back to a one bedroom.  This time we were going to live the loft life.  We had exactly 800 square feet and we absolutely loved it.  (In hindsight, we probably should have splurged for the two bedroom considering I ended up getting pregnant quickly…but if we did, we wouldn’t have so many stories to share)!

Loft Life:

Not only was it easy to clean and maintain, it was very economical.  We were still able to entertain guests and we were within walking distance to the downtown.  These were the perks that we quickly forgot about when we were searching for the bigger house.

We had to get creative to store our clothes, kitchen items and personal belongings, but it wasn’t difficult to do at all.  IKEA became our best friend!  A few months later, we had to get even more creative when we decided we were going to stay at the loft for the first few months after having our daughter.

Again, this was surprisingly easy to do.  People were shocked when we told them that we decided we wanted to stay at the loft for a while even after the birth of our daughter.  Did people forget that a newborn really doesn’t need that much space?  It’s not like she was suddenly going to get up and start wandering around at two weeks.

For our family, this was the perfect decision.  It allowed us to focus 100% on our new baby and not worry about keeping a house clean and tidy.  Everything I needed was within a few steps which made keeping an eye on my daughter even easier.  She’s a very strong sleeper now as well, which probably has a lot to do with the fact she didn’t have a room with a door to fully close to block out the noise.

Once we were ready to move, we decided it was time to stay in the city and we had always wanted to do some renovations ourselves, so we decided to find a fixer upper. I think it’s clear we love chaos!

Now, instead of trading stories about square footage in houses, we share stories about travel or activities we’ve done with our daughter.


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