Yes, I am Pregnant & No, I’m Not Having Twins!

Maybe it was my heightened sensitivity and roller coaster of emotions, but people drove me nuts during my pregnancy!! I’ve always been the type of person to err on the side of caution when it comes to saying things to pregnant women.

My reasons for this are simple…

1) It’s difficult to understand how someone is feeling during their pregnancy and it’s insensitive to over share about personal pregnancy stories, remind them how big or small their belly is or even to let them know that the wives tale must be true and being pregnant with a girl does steal ones beauty (one of my personal favourites).

2) Pregnancy should not completely take over the mother’s life and the Mom to be shouldn’t lose their own personal identity for those 9 months. Even though it’s always nice to hear how the pregnancy is going, the kicks, the ultrasounds and birth plans, it’s also nice to talk about normal every day things. It can be extremely overwhelming when you’re only questioned about your baby and nothing else for 9 months!

My pregnancy laughs…

As previously noted, I had quite the roller coaster experience for my pregnancy. I was especially emotional as every biweekly doctor’s appointment seemed to bring new setbacks / news. I kept these findings to myself throughout my pregnancy, so I found it very difficult when people would make superficial comments about my puffiness or how big they thought my belly was.

Here are some of my personal favourites…

  • When I was about four months pregnant someone I worked with came up to me and asked if I was having twins.  Twins, are you freaking kidding me?! I felt self conscious about my expanding belly from that moment on.
  • “You look really tired, how are you sleeping?”  Well, prior to that conversation, I was under the impression I was getting a great nights rest.
  • “How can you wear high heels?” I’m pregnant, my ankles aren’t broken?
  • “You must be ready to have this baby, you look like you’re going to burst!” Oh thank you, I wasn’t aware of the 10 different wardrobes I’ve had to phase in and out of my closet since becoming pregnant.
  • “You must be having a girl, I can tell you’re pregnant from behind.”  Is this a passive aggressive way of saying my butt is growing just as fast as my belly?
  • “You must be having a boy, I can tell you’re pregnant from behind.”  I can’t keep up with these wives’ tales.
  •   “I hear when you’re pregnant with a girl they steal all of your beauty.” What a horrible and downright stupid thing to say…especially after I just told you I was having a girl!
  • “You’re pregnant, must be nice to eat whatever you want.” Being pregnant doesn’t give you a license to gain unlimited weight… The baby weight still needs to be worked off after delivering the baby.
  • “You must be retaining fluid.”  Thank you for pointing out my cankles.

Throughout my entire pregnancy I gained 31 lbs (granted, I did deliver 5 weeks early… But hey, who’s counting?) 

I continued to work out and was very cautious about what I was eating. I did treat myself occasionally to a Big Mac or frozen yogurt and I dont regret that at all!

I guess what I’m trying to reiterate is that if you’re pregnant embrace all of the laughable comments and unnecessary belly rubs, because before you know it, your baby will be here and there will be an entirely new set of unwarranted comments to giggle about!



2 thoughts on “Yes, I am Pregnant & No, I’m Not Having Twins!

  1. Ha! Love this photo.

    My sister seems to always have the rudest comments. I’m pregnant with my first, and she’s had five children, so I don’t know why she acts so insensitively. At Christmas she had asked in front of everyone how much weight I had gained (I’ve always been in shape, and she’s been chubbier). I told her 20 lbs. Then she said, “Are you sure? I think more. It seems to have gone to your face, boobs, butt, legs, and arms.” Thanks sis.

    Then with everyone else who I tell that I’m pregnant to, their first response is somewhere along the lines of, “you are?” Then they say how small I am, which in turn worries me that I’m not capable of providing enough room for my baby. I think we just can’t win when it comes to comments.

    Love your blog! I’m now a follower.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words and follow! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope I’ll be able to keep you laughing for the next few months! I hope you’ll be able to shrug off the silly comments because in the end, the nine months really do fly by… So try and enjoy all of the precious moments! Don’t let anyone hinder your experience in any way!

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