How we became the travellers we once despised!

Here we are, being ushered to the front of the check in line since we’ve nearly missed our take off time feeling all of the stares and glares peering our way.  We’re balancing our 10,000 bags while keeping our newborn daughter content.  This is our new reality.

Our once seemingly simple travel plans have drastically changed.  We’re no longer waltzing past the check in lines or breezing through security and we’re certainly not enjoying a beverage while patiently waiting to board our flight. Okay, perhaps we could enjoy 1 beverage still…


No way – now we’re anxiety ridden, struggling to determine if we’ve packed enough food, diapers, toys and changes of clothes.  Yes, we’re only travelling a couple of hours to Florida or Bermuda, but once we’ve crossed through security, who knows what we’ll need to travel smoothly with our baby girl.

It is official, we have become those travellers we once despised! Gawking as they would juggle their child(ren) while wiping vomit from their sweatshirts.  Dabbing sweat from their foreheads as they make their way for the early boarding call.  Pushing through other passengers to be sure they make it to their seats first.

And, I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.  Stare all you want because no matter how many hurdles come our way with travelling with a newborn or toddler, we will not stop! We love to travel and that is something we will continue to do!

It might take a bit more preparation, but it is definitely worth it.  We’ve enjoyed a trip to Florida (Hadley was 6 months) and a trip to Bermuda (Hadley was 9 months).

…Now here we are patiently waiting for our next adventure.


One thought on “How we became the travellers we once despised!

  1. Your little one is precious, and it’s so cool that you didn’t stop your adventures simply because of the challenges that come with parenting. Have fun in your travels, and I do wonder if one day she will also love the gift of flight! 😉

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