Our first west coast experience 

After living in our fifth or sixth house for just over a year, we got the itch for an adventure.

Yes – we love to move…well, maybe not the moving process itself, but, certainly the adventure that comes with it.

For a few years, we have been toying with the idea of moving across the country.  Even though we have travelled a lot, we’ve only ever lived in Kitchener / Waterloo…all within Ontario.

After my husband called home from work one day proposing the move to BC, our adventure bug was ignited once again.

We booked our flights and decided to fly into Kelowna, rent a car and tour around and then finish in Vancouver.

The trip did not disappoint.  It only left me questioning, how have we  ignored this breathtakingly beautiful province for all of these years?

The 4+ hour flight to Kelowna wasn’t horrible, but the flights are certainly becoming a little more difficult now that Hadley is rounding two and is such a mover and a shaker.  She was entertained for a while, people watching and watching a kids show on the TV, but that was short lived.

Long of the short – we survived.  But, this is the part where I enter my disclaimer for those who give glaring looks at people traveling with children *please let me remind you, that travelling with children is much harder on the parent than it is on you – the bystander… who can sit back and relax and put your headphones in to drown us out.  And, here’s a not so gentle reminder that your glares / stares and glances literally do nothing to help settle my daughter … so, feel free to put your headphones in and ignore us!”*

The best part of the flight was looking out of the window and seeing one of the most picturesque views that I have ever seen!

Anyways, once we landed in Kelowna we picked up our rental car and decided to drive around.  Kelowna was gorgeous.  Since Hadley didn’t sleep for the entire flight, she was exhausted.  By the time that she got into her car seat she was fast asleep.  So, we ended up touring around all of Kelowna and then eventually driving up Big White.  Being there on the “off season” was great because a few restaurants were still open but it wasn’t crowded with people.

After driving down from Big White, we noticed a beautiful view point with a creek, so we pulled over and we were pleasantly surprised when we founded a pine tree completely decorated with tinsel.  The most adorable Christmas tree in the middle of the wilderness.  Naturally, we had to stop for photos – 2016’s Christmas card photo!

We spent the night at the Hotel Eldorado.  The staff was above and beyond.  They made sure we had everything we could possibly need and provided the most pleasant first experience at the check in.  The room was adorable and quaint and had a great pool and hot tub area.  It was right in the marina and offered stunning views.  (Thanks Mom & Bri for the great hotel!)

The time change had us all screwed up and we all fell asleep at 6pm… so, naturally we were awake by 4am, so, we decided to take an impromptu trip to Whistler.

The drive was spectacular and definitely a once in a lifetime drive.  The views got more incredible with each passing moment.  However, the roads were extremely windy and after 4.5 hours our little trooper got car sick… but, she was so good, she got cleaned up and continued on still smiling and singing.

We fell in love with Whistler.  This time we stayed at the Delta in Whistler.  Again, the staff was incredible!

We spent the night wandering around the village and checking out the shops.

After falling asleep yet again around 7pm, we were all awake by 5am again and showered and dressed by 6am.  So, we went to the Olympic Rings and we were finally able to get a picture in front of it without a huge crowd of people.

We checked out fairly early as we were eager to make it to Vancouver.

WOW! Is the only description I can think of to describe the drive from Whistler to Vancouver.  It was so lush and colourful even on a rainy day.

We crossed the bridge, drove by Stanley Park and then made it to our first condo.  It ended up being everything and more than what we wanted / expected, so, we cancelled the remainder of our showings and took it!

After a short but busy weekend, we had toured across BC, fell in love with the province and found our perfect condo!

Our house in Ontario is rented out and we are getting ready to embark on our cross country road trip to our new home!